Luis Andrés Serrano

Colrana, or Luis Andrés Serrano (he/him), is an interdisciplinary latino artist residing in Surrey, BC. Colrana predominantly works through the context of memory, play and systems. He employs multiple mediums including video, sound, programming and performance in his work. His current obsession lies in mapping, revisiting, and recontextualizing his memory and the surrounding memories that overlap with his own.

He is currently working towards a BMA at Emily Carr University. His work has been screened at XINEMA and he is currently collaborating with other local artists at the James Black Centre as part of their pod residencies.

Colrana's current projects involve real-time generation of videos that are self-enclosed systems. Common subjects include the everyday and sites that hold particular memories to him. He visually gravitates towards layered and semi-distinguishable figures in order to create both a familiar recollection of the original material and to capture how memory is not completely perfect in its recreations of an owner's life.